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A renowned organization in the fields of real estate, engineering, industrial, commercial, freight services, and hospitality, Moafaq Ahmad Al Gaddah (MAG) Group is the parent company of MAG Lifestyle Development. Since 1978, the Abu Dhabi-based MAG Group has operated in the Middle East. In turn, MAG Lifestyle Development is involved in the construction of many housing kinds in Dubai, ranging from high-end residences to creative economical options.

Talal M. Al Gaddah serves as executive director of MAG Lifestyle Development, and Mohammed Nimer serves as the company's CEO.

The construction business was started in 2003. The developer's initiatives are intended to create cutting-edge real estate technologies. Popular parts of the emirate are home to residential buildings, opulent flats, and reasonably priced houses.

"We not only sell real estate, but also a new way of life for the following generation. We are innovators because of that, said Ramesh Reddy, Head of IT at MAG Lifestyle Development.


Meydan, Dubai, UAE
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